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Bordeaux, Lonely Planet’s ‘Best City 2017’, is an unmissable destination and a unique stop-off point. Superyachts can put down anchor in the very heart of the city centre, a UNESCO World Heritage listed site.

The number of superyachts that choose Bordeaux as a destination is growing every year: Sailing Yacht A, Pelorus, Skat, Kismet and Sea Walk are just a few examples of superyachts that have docked in the “Port of the Moon”.

The shipping channel through the Gironde estuary allows passage all the way up the river until the pont de pierre, which sits in the centre of Bordeaux. To access the centre, the Jacque Chaban-Delmas bridge is raised, allowing boats with an air draught of over 11 metres to pass underneath. The bridge was built in 2013 and raises its central span up 47 metres for 12 minutes to let ships pass through.

The port of Bordeaux proposes several pontoons and naval posts:

Ponton d’honneur (Pontoon of Honour)

155 metres long, this pontoon welcomes yachts with a displacement of up to 1400 tonnes.


The 2 docking stations for cruise ships beside the Quinconces esplanade host the superyachts with a displacement of over 1400 tonnes.

Ariane Pontoon

A new heavy-duty pontoon destined to receive super yachts and tall ships up to 3500 tons. Electricity will be available from here in the future (2019), as well as the opportunity to dispose of waste : waste collection by barge (on request). Rent on an exclusive-use basis, offering excellent security and private access.


Bordeaux Métropole (for the pontoons) :

Tel. : +33 5 56 93 93 56

Email : plaisance@bordeaux-metropole.fr

Atlantic Port of Bordeaux (for the docking stations on the quays) :

Email : f-hamon@bordeaux-port.fr

To enquire about docking at other terminals in the Atlantic Port of Bordeaux, notably the Bassens terminal, please contact the harbour master’s office of the Great Atlantic Port of Bordeaux:

Tel. : 05 56 90 59 34

Email : capiport@bordeaux-port.fr