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VIGIEsip System

VIGIEsip System : call management system in the Aquitaine navigation area


VIGIEsip is a “Port Community System”, a computer programme that allows all port professionals to work together in a safe environment.

All sea and river cruise professionals use this programme with a twofold objective:

  • Obtain live traffic information concerning the navigation area (docked or sailing liners)
  • Allow ship owners and their agents to make a reservation for a stopover at one or several port terminals or wharfs in the area.

VIGIEsip system presentation

Step 1. Make your reservations


For river liners

  • If you already have your login details, go to the website and make your: www.bordeaux.vigiesip.eu
  • If you do not yet have access, please contact the harbour master office of the Atlantic Port of Bordeaux: +33 5 56 31 58 64 / +33 5 56 90 59 34 (PFSO)


For sea liners

The berthing application is submitted through the shipping agent


Step 2. Call approval


For river liners

At the start of every year, berth managers and ship owners gather for the annual call-scheduling meeting. The participants book their call schedule for the year ahead.

For sea liners

At year-end, the harbour master confirms to the agents the authorised calls for the year after next.

For more information


Documentation on VIGIEsip: ask for the  training manual by email at innovation@bordeaux-port.fr