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The Périgord, cradle of Prehistory

400 000 years of human presence leaves marks. Awaken your five senses to trace them in Périgord, 2 hours from Bordeaux.

Lascaux II, the world’s most visited painted cave

The Vézère Valley is a sanctuary of prehistoric art, evidenced by the cave of Lascaux, the troglodyte village of La Madeleine and the Cave of Rouffignac listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

December 2016 will see the inauguration of the International Centre of Cave Paintings with the fourth reproduction of Lascaux. This venue will offer innovative scenography using new imaging and virtual technologies.

Sarlat, the pearl of Périgord gastronomy

25 km from Lascaux, the market at Sarlat is a must for all gourmets and gourmands. Throughout the year and on a seasonal basis, foie gras, cep mushrooms, confit and duck breasts, truffles, walnuts, strawberries and other delicious local products will delight the taste buds of visitors. The atmosphere is cheerful, with colourful stalls and omnipresent aromas on a backdrop of an exceptional architectural heritage.

Distances in km / mi:

Lascaux – Bordeaux: 190 km / 80 mi
Lascaux – Saint-Emilion: 145 km / 60 mi