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Where the Basque soul rides the wave

An invigorating resort between the ocean and the mountains, Biarritz asserts the colours of the Basque Country just two hours from Bordeaux.

Chic, authentic and festive, Biarritz has all the assets

The most urban of the Basque coast seaside resorts, it attracted the Empress Eugenie in the nineteenth century. Well worth visiting for its vast beaches, golf courses, thalassotherapy centres, boutiques, art galleries and trendy bars. The coastal path leading from it unveils more than 25 km of photogenic panoramas featuring sheer cliffs, sandy beaches and the ocean as far as the eye can see.

immerse yourself in the basque soul

It is found on the colourful facades of the red and green timber framed houses, on the village square where a game of pelota is being played, in the craft shops, in the spicy flavour Espelette pepper gives to regional dishes and, of course, in the language, songs, dance and music that enliven the local festivals throughout the year.

Distances in km / mi

From Bordeaux to Biarrtiz: 200 km / 124 mi

From Cadillac to Biarritz: 198 km / 123 mi