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La Rochelle, city of history and emotion

Located on the Atlantic coast only 2 hours from Bordeaux, La Rochelle is a vibrant maritime city. To discover the treasures of its prestigious architectural heritage, simply stroll along the Old Port and the historic town centre.

La Rochelle, millennial city

Since it was founded in the year 1000, the city has preserved many vestiges of its history: the old harbour and its towers, arcaded streets, timbered houses, private mansions and secret alleyways are exceptional symbols. Here the unique atmosphere of the city is based on the flavours and colours of its markets, the small pleasant squares at the corner of streets, café terraces facing the sea and the many boutiques in the heart of the old town.

Direction the islands of Ré and Oléron

Whereas the Ile de Ré holds many gems with its charming villages, white houses and hollyhocks, Oleron Island is distinguished in turn by its wilder side that appeals to nature lovers with its fauna and flora.


Distances in km / mi:

Bordeaux – La Rochelle: 180 km / 115 mi
Blaye – La Rochelle: 145 km / 90 mi
Le Verdon – La Rochelle: 85 km / 55 mi (via Le Verdon-Royan ferryboat)