Destination Cognac

Cognac is a city rich in history as well as in heritage along with its world famous eau-de-vie brandy. Only an hour and a half from Bordeaux!

Cognac, a skill to experience

Making Cognac falls to the cellar master. From discipline, experience and intuition, he creates, much like the “nose” of the perfumer, subtle assemblages of brandies of different ages and crus. The trading houses In Cognac, along with the estates in the heart of the vineyard, offer unforgettable sensory and immersive experiences around the discovery of their products.

Cognac, a city of art and history, a riverside city

With a long market tradition that began with the salt trade in the Middle Ages, Cognac rapidly became one of the largest centres of commercial activity in the region thanks to its port and its scows, ensuring the river transportation of many commodities. These days, the “Lady Jane” scow takes passengers on a cruise down the Charente River, to experience the river and its history.


Distances in km / mi:

From Bordeaux: 130 km / 80 mi
From Bourg: 95 km / 60 mi
From Royan: 65 km / 40 mi