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A vineyard and a UNESCO destination

Located north of Bordeaux along the River Dordogne and the Gironde Estuary, the Blaye-Bourg destination offers rare landscapes combining river, stone and grapevines.

Citadel of Blaye, designed by Vauban and listed a World Heritage site by UNESCO

Built by Vauban, the impressive citadel of Blaye is perfectly preserved. It offers magnificent views of the archipelago of islands in the estuary, and its streets are particularly lively. The stopover continues with a visit to an estate of the appellation Blaye Côte de Bordeaux and the genuine and friendly meeting with a winegrower who will offer tastings of pleasurable wines.

Bourg and its wines of the appellation Côtes de Bourg and Bordeaux Supérieur

Built on a rocky outcrop, Bourg-sur-Gironde is home to numerous treasures such as the Château of the Citadel, the surprising Moorish villa and the many eighteenth century houses built with local stone. Along the picturesque Corniche Road emerges the vineyard of the appellation Côtes de Bourg, old fishermen’s houses as well as remarkable troglodyte dwellings perched on the top of the cliffs. The tour of the Rémy Brecque cellars is even more unexpected, producing wines with the Champagne method, set up in old stone quarries, or there’s the tour of l’Ange Bleu: the largest cabaret music hall in France.

Finally, a gem of prehistory, the decorated cave of Pair-non-Pair waits to be discovered.

Blaye Tourisme

Tel.:+33 5 57 42 12 09

Email : info@tourisme-blaye.com

Bourg Tourisme

Tel.:+33 5 57 68 31 76

Email : tourismebourg@grand-cubzaguais.fr